Hi! I'm a Software Engineer from Barcelona currently working remotely at Ahrefs. Mainly on tooling Melange Reason reason-react styled-ppx and server-reason-react.

Working remote gave me the possibility to live between Barcelona and La Cerdanya (Pyrenees) and enjoy the freedom and beauty of the mountains.

My interests are very broad, from functional programming with OCaml to design systems. Scalability, people and startups. Lately got a passion for languages and compilers. Even with my limited english, I'm trying to share about those in my personal blog.

Previously worked at Draftbit and Typeform.

I'm grateful for what Open Source gave me and that's why most of my code is public and hosted in GitHub, you can find me

I love endurance sports, specifically triathlon and ski. I'm focused on Olympic and Half-Ironman distances.