Hello Internet 👋

Everything needs to start at some point and here is mine. I suck at explaining myself and my english is far from good, but I would love to share my thoughts about some topics that I found interesting, can vary from Software, Functional Programming, Reason, Products, People or anything really.

I worked almost 7 years on the Software industry and there’s a ton of stuff that I learned and a huge tone that I didn’t, so I’m trying to write down some of the stuff that comes to my head and it will push me understand those topis better.

So, the first thing would be presenting myself…

I’m David Sancho from Barcelona, Spain and have been on the internet quite a while and I’m very fastinated about it.

I currently work as a Software Engineer remotely for draftbit breaking the barrier between an idea and a mobile app. Before that, I worked at Typeform for 5 years on the Renderer Team (also known as Form Experience) with an amazing team, Stickbugs ♥️.

Aside from my job, I worked in many side projects, I will talk more about those in the future, but I recently shared in Twitter and I’m over thee moon with the community reaction.

styled-ppx a preprocessor extension that enables CSS-in-Reason and OCaml in a similar way than styled-components does it in JavaScript.

Outside from the computer, I’m into Triathlon and I love running and cycling.

If JavaScript, CSS, Reason or anything related iwth Maintainability sound familiar to you or you want to know more, great! Since I plan to write a lot about those things, hope to see you soon.

You can follow me on Twitter @davesnx to know when I’m pushing stuff here.